Michael Andrew Ducote

Michael Ducote of Argentina

Welcome to michaelducoteargentina.com, a website where investor and business owner Michael Ducote will share insights he accumulated over the course of his diverse career. Michael Ducote of Argentina believes that business acumen alongside a dedication to personal development are important to set oneself apart in their pursuit of excellence. To this point, Michael Ducote will also update this website with insights to his personal philosophies and how they have helped him during his journey.

Michael Ducote of Argentina Bio

Michael Andrew Ducote was born and raised an Argentina to an American born father and Greek, Irish, Argentinian mother.

Elzoom and Early Ventures

Michael has been the founder and owner of multiple ventures throughout his time in business. While some were more successful than others, he has maintained a forward-thinking vision that set many up for success. For example, Michael Andres Ducote founded Elzoom alongside his childhood best friend in 2000. Elzoom was a social media company that maintained a database where college students could find friends and build a community.

Travelling and Eco-Challenge

After Elzoom, Michael Ducote devoted himself to health and wellness. He and a friend set their sights on a race called the Eco-Challenge. One obstacle that he faced was that the race required experience that he and his friend did not yet have. Over time, Michael went on several excursions to prepare. He and his friend crossed the Andes Mountains, swam through the Iguazu water falls, trekked through the Amazon, etc.

Michael Ducote of Argentina set out for the Eco-Challenge with an amazing team. The stipulations of the challenge were that each team was to survive in the Fiji jungle with no technology- armed with only a compass, a machete, and your team. He and his team were able to last 6 days before Michael began to feel the effects of dengue fever and had to be pulled out by an emergency helicopter. Not finishing the challenge was difficult, but it did have the silver lining of helping Michael reevaluate very important parts of his life.

Endeavor and Founding HUMARKS

After returning to Argentina to recover, Michael Andrew Ducote began working for a non-profit that assisted entrepreneurs called Endeavor. As a team member on the selection department, Michael was responsible for choosing future entrepreneurs. Over time, his work at Endeavor sparked his desire to build a brand again.

Michael was given the opportunity that he was looking for when he received a call stating that a friend needed a sports agent. Michael Andres Ducote began brushing up on the world of sports agency and learned from agents that worked for entities such as Octagon and IMG. Soon after, Michael created HUMARKS, a sports agency that was dedicated to securing opportunities for athletes. According to Michael Ducote, tennis players were among the first to join the ranks of HUMARKS. The company started managing one player- Guillermo Canas- later expanding to include players such as Mariano Zabaleta, Agustin Calleri, Juan Igancio Chela, and Jose Acasuso. Under the guidance of Michael Ducote, tennis players were able to expand their brand without losing focus on their development as athletes.

HUMARKs grew incredibly fast. After 2 years in operation, Guillermo Canas was number 8 in the world and the agency’s other players were all within the top 100. The company had secured corporate clients, expanded to include different departments, and was responsible sports events and marketing. According to Michael Ducote, tennis stars were attracted to his business because it developed a reputation for helping them find partnerships, leverage deals, and find communities of likeminded players and sports professionals.

Michael sold HUMARKS to Blue Entertainment Sports and Television (BEST) a spinoff of SFX in 2007. He worked with them until 2009.

Real Estate

In 2012, Michael moved to US along with his family. After a few difficult years of setting up a life in America, he was given an opportunity to invest in real estate. Wanting to learn more about how to create value in the space, Michael came across an opportunity in Clarkstone for a 228 apartment, multifamily complex. After meeting brokers, he began studying to learn as much as he could about c class multifamily.

Since this project, Michael Ducote of Argentina has expanded his real estate ventures substantially. Notably, Ducote has acquired over 1800 units, handling rehab, repositioning, and sale. Michael specializes in distressed properties and has an interest in turning around and repositioning them so that they can achieve substantial profitability while being kept at a standard that will properly cover the needs of tenants. Since acquisition of his first project, Sage Point, Michael has focused on many projects in the greater Atlanta area. Such properties include The Park at Greenbriar (209 units), Mountain Oaks (180 units), and Pines at Greenbriar (376 units).

 To assist with his real estate development projects, Michael Ducote has two companies for acquisition, Gulflet properties and Spike Investments and serves on the board for esteemed property management company AMPM Partners. 

Looking Forward

Michael Andrew Ducote realizes that his experience in tech, sports, construction, and real estate have provided him with many insights that can help budding business professionals expand their knowledgebase and reach success in their fields.

Michael believes that professionals have a responsibility to help uplift others and maintains that one of the best ways to do so is through the gift of education and professional development advice. To this point, Michael will update this website with many different topics that encompass the worlds of tech, sports, and real estate development.

Michael also upholds that success is much easier when one is prepared to stay strong and maintain their course in the face of obstacles they may face. For this reason, Michael Andrew Ducote also hopes to share parts of his personal philosophy that he believes will help guide others to their individualized version of success. This includes the power of smiling, the importance of due diligence, tips for checking in with oneself, maintaining the will to never give up when pursuing your dreams.